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Security Assessments

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Is your organization secure from cyber threats and phishing attacks?  Do you have compliance needs or security improvements dictated by cybersecurity insurance?


If your organization is currently using Microsoft 365, we can leverage the Microsoft 365 Business Premium or E5 licensing SKUs to deploy a wide array of security improvements to harden your cloud environment.

AzureAD Conditional Access – block access to your Microsoft 365 tenant from all devices not meeting strict access criteria including location, device type, management status, compliance status, encryption, application or time of day


AzureAD MFA – block access to your Microsoft 365 tenant for all devices who have not been properly verified with multi-factor authentication.


Data Loss Prevention Policies – prevent unwanted sharing and distribution of company data that matches any sensitive data types from Personally Identifiable Information, Financial Data, Health Data, or other custom categories


Azure Information Protection – publish and auto-label messages and documents in your organization that meet predefined criteria.  This data then can be governed throughout your organization and with external collaborators based on compliance or policy guidelines

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