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Microsoft Teams Voice

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Many organizations use outdated telephony solutions to handle your business calling needs.  Many cloud-based solutions are lacking in features, flexibility, and the presence and unified capabilities of Microsoft Teams Voice. 


Voice over IP solutions sold in the early 2000s are outdated, overly complex, and aging.  Many phone systems are in dire need of repair or replacement, and failure would lead to critical loss of business.


With our services, we can migrate your existing phone lines, call center capabilities to Microsoft Teams Voice, while simultaneously modernizing your phone system.  Teams Voice works on all mobile devices, desktop computers, and web browsers and allows you to utilize business-grade phone system features from the convenience of your existing hardware.

If you wish to deploy traditional handsets, these can be purchased as well to work with your new phone system.

In addition, you no longer will be tied to long-term contracts with your teleco provider for dedicated phone circuits, or phone system support.

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